What Are Coupon Codes?

In the old days, women used to cut coupons out of newspapers, magazines, and flyers, or out of circulars containing coupons for particular brands. Many consumers still do this when they can, scanning newspapers and inserts for savings.

Woman On InternetThe Internet Shopping Experience

They also go to the internet where listings are posted for coupons sent by mail or available to print. These change every so often and almost always feature an expiration date.

When consumers go shopping, they have to take these slips of paper with them and redeem them against specific items such as diapers, packaged sandwich meat, or peanut butter. There is, however, an easier way to save money. At the same time, there is no paper waste and discounts reach the maximum number of consumers.

Simplification with Coupon Codes

A grocery store clerk uses a barcode on your coupons to give you a discount on your groceries. That number is what matters.

The same is true of coupon codes, which are just the numbers separate from a piece of paper. If you are shopping online using a laptop, desktop computer, or your iPad, the code is what you need because there is no way to give someone a piece of paper through your electronic device.

Coupon codes are being used by lots of internet companies so they can offer discounts in the same way physical stores do. They are an essential part of advertising, attracting customers, and getting them hooked so they will be willing to pay full price later.

Electronic cigarette companies publish codes on many sites where consumers find them when trying to choose which firm to buy products from. Existing clients also use the codes to save money when they place their regular orders for new batteries and e juice or pre-filled cartridges.

Where Do People Find Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes turn up in many places. One of them is on social media networks like Twitter and on Facebook. Manufacturers post them. Ordinary people share them.

Issuing coupon codes is one way to keep people interested in a product and stir up dialogue online. Dialogue causes a company to become more popular, so that during an internet search there are more hits for that firm. From those hits, more customers are won over.

Whatever e cigarette firms spend by giving people rebates, they earn that money back by not having to use traditional advertising methods as much as they might have and by attracting more customers.

Another place to find coupon codes is on review/report sites for the sorts of goods you are looking for. Examples include comparison pages where items from two or more companies are described and rated against each other. You might find a coupon code listed on one of these pages. Electronic cigarette manufacturers send their codes to e cig review pages frequently where discounts are explained by editors.

What to do with Coupon Codes

Many coupon codes are limited to a certain time, a specific product, or a minimum order. Their purpose is to provide free shipping, a percentage rebate, or to reduce a bill by a dollar amount. That amount might only pertain to certain sizes of a product, or maybe just a chosen flavor. Coupon codes can frequently be combined with other rebates to reduce the price of sale or clearance goods to ridiculously low prices.

With e cigs, coupon codes are used to reduce the prices of starter kits, packages of cartridges, or to take away the shipping fee. There are codes from companies designated for orders over $100, or which provide a lower discount for orders below this threshold.

Expiration Dates

Some of their coupon codes expire after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Veteran’s Day, or summer is over. On the other hand, they could be unlimited coupons for use at any time of the year. Customers can even quote certain coupon codes at the virtual checkout multiple times with no limit between uses or to the number of uses. They add codes to their loyalty reward points for further savings.

Certain electronic cigarette coupon codes, like the codes for lots of products, refer to a sweepstakes or prize draw. One person quoting that code will win a bigger prize than usual, so these are limited to a short period of time.

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